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Family Recovery

If Addiction is a “Family Disease” what about me?

You have likely heard the statement more than once that addiction is a family disease, yet the treatment community continues to provide services to those with an addiction offering little to no REAL resources for family. Perhaps you, like many before you, have been left thinking… What about me? For those of us who have experienced living with, or loving someone in active addiction or alcoholism, the reality of a lost sense of self is all too familiar. Your loved one walks into treatment,  

 goes to jail, or the call you have dreaded for years is received… You are left picking up the pieces of a shattered life and it is not theirs… it is yours. 

Your heartache is real. It could be defined by the thousands of tears you have shed and the sleepless nights consumed with worry or fear. Sol Recovery Community recognizes the depth of this pain and has created a place for YOUR journey. Engaging in our Family Recovery Program does not require your loved one to be in treatment. We will serve you regardless of their recovery status and provide needed support as you navigate this difficult life experience. 

There is HOPE. You are NOT ALONE.


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Individual Therapy

Each person who comes to Sol Recovery Community is assigned a therapist who will complete a mental health assessment, provide interactive and individualized treatment planning, evaluate treatment progress and provide therapeutic services to meet your needs. Our treatment team is experienced in addressing symptoms of depression, anxiety, co-dependency, trauma, grief and loss.

Family Dynamics Group

 The disease of addiction and alcoholism, as do other serious medical conditions, impacts the entire family system. This group is focused on identifying and engaging healthy family dynamics, deepening the understanding of addiction and alcoholism, learning and engaging healthy coping strategies, and identifying how individual family members can heal their own experiences.


Grief and Loss Group

Unfortunately, the impact of addiction and alcoholism can lead to many forms of grief that are rarely talk about and are deeply felt. This may include the loss of dreams for the future, fear of, or actually losing our loved one to death, the pain we see our family experiencing at the hand of a disease that is deeply unpredictable. The anxiety we feel every time the phone rings…

You are not alone in these experiences and this group has been created to support you through them. 


Reach out and a member of our team will contact you within 1 business day.