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Dual Diagnosis

What does it mean if I have a Dual Diagnosis? 

Being told you, or your loved one, have been given a “dual diagnosis” can feel overwhelming. Perhaps you have thought, “Great, now I am extra broken!”

What does dual diagnosis even mean?

First, let’s put to rest any idea that you are “broken”. That is simply not true. It is important to understand that “dual diagnosis” is common. Just because our current culture and society has made it a “buzz word” does not mean it is new. 

Dual diagnosis, in it’s most basic description, means you have more than one set of symptoms, connected to a diagnosis, that are impacting your well-being.  In reality, most of us may be considered “dually diagnosed” at one point or another during our lifetime. 

    How will dual diagnosis impact my treatment?

    Individualized treatment is the foundation of each client’s experience at Sol Recovery Community. Our treatment team is trained to ensure that the interventions used are specific to the client’s needs. In the case of dual diagnosis, it means we are navigating the symptoms of two or more conditions during the treatment process. This may require a variety of interventions and may take a bit longer to address.

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