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Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence is prevalent in our community. Current statistics from the Utah Department of Health and Human Services indicate that 1 in 10 men and 2 in 11 women will experience intimate partner violence during their lifetime. During 2019, law enforcement throughout the state responded to more than 21,000 calls. Nationally, domestic violence is viewed as a public health crisis. In 2020, domestic violence hotlines across the United States received an average of 15 calls per minute

Domestic violence can impact individuals from all backgrounds and communities. It is important that we work together to prevent domestic violence and support survivors.

Domestic Violence Survivors

As a survivor of domestic violence it is possible you have experienced trauma and may benefit from therapy as you navigate your life moving forward. It is possible you are still experiencing domestic violence in your home. 

Sol Recovery Community offers a trauma informed, individualized approach to therapy and group services, which can help survivors address their safety, emotional, and psychological needs and work through the trauma they have or are currently experiencing. Call (801) 935-8449 today to schedule an intake. Our team looks forward to serving you. 

Domestic Violence Offenders

If you are seeking treatment to address a history of violent behavior in your domestic relationships, members of our team are trained to support your journey. Treatment for domestic violence can be complex and requires a comprehensive approach to address the underlying causes of this behavior.

Following an assessment, goals of treatment will likely include accountability for past actions, learning alternative behaviors, and developing a healthy, non-violent way of interacting with your partner and family. 

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